New Beginnings

Spring time for me is all about new beginnings, new challenges for us to experience and new lessons to learn. There was no better example of this to me than spending yesterday with a 4 year old child – in the springtime of his life for sure – watching the baby lambs in the fields around us try to stand on their own before falling over, getting back up and trying again. New life was all around me and for the first time in what feels like a long time, the sun was brightly shining in Manchester!

In Chinese medicine Spring is where we move out of the darkness, the yin part of the year, into the light and towards the yang part that peaks in the Summer. The element of Wood takes its part in the cycle and Wood is all about growth and expansion. Hope fills the air, possibility is everywhere, the days start to become longer, the trees greener and flowers start to grow. This is the time for us to take action towards our goals and to finally make decisions that we have been putting off in the winter months. The energy of this season is ready to support us with this so start planning and start doing!

Spring is also about waking up. Animals that have been hibernating in the winter begin to emerge. Seeds that have been safely nestling in the womb of the great Mother Earth for winter take their first steps to push through the soil to feel the warmth of the sun. Have you been sleeping through the Winter too? Are you craving the light to shine on your face? Then step forward, the time is now. Crystals can help you to do this, and to take full advantage of the energy of Spring. Here are just a couple of my favourite ones to work with at this time of year, or anytime that new beginnings are needed and light is required to shine into the darkness:

Moss Agate – this stone is absolutely about new beginnings for me as well as being incredibly grounding and connecting us with Mother Earth.

Petrified Wood – its name literally means Wood turned into Stone and it perfectly vibrates the energy of the wood element for me. It encourages clear thinking in decision making, patience and thoughtfulness.

Green Apatite – this one is all about hope! One of my favourites to work with when it is time to move forward, particularly if there are any issues in your heart that are holding you back from doing that. Green Apatite gently helps us to let them go.

Smoky Quartz – one of my favourites to use for grounding it is also great for mental clarity.

Hiddenite – another stone perfect to work with for new beginnings. Sometimes as we step into the light we need a gentle push for confidence and I always get that from this one.

These are just some of the stones that I work with at this time of year but remember each crystal works with us differently so trust your own intuition and be guided by the crystals that call to your own heart. And however deep the winter has been for you take comfort in the knowledge that “No matter how long the winter the spring is sure to follow”!

With crystal blessings to you, Paul.

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