I have always been fascinated by Mermaids since I was a little boy. I still remember reading the Hans Christian Anderson story of “The Little Seamaid” and being so upset to read that Mermaids didn’t have an immortal soul like humans did, and that after 300 years in the sea they would simply turn into a pearly foam and cease to exist – unless they could win the heart of a mortal man of course! I remember thinking that this was a very unfair deal for the Mermaids. This dark tale became the basis of the Walt Disney film “The Little Mermaid” in which the Mermaid Ariel gives up her voice in order to have the chance to win the heart of Prince Eric. This representation of Mermaids as love interests for the men that lived on the land and sailed on the seas was all too common. and I always felt there was more to them than this.

The love sick Mermaids were not the only ones I read about though. The other Mermaids that existed, I was told, were demonic, unstable and dangerous and their only goal was to seduce men with their beauty only to drag them to the bottom of the ocean and drown them. Whether this be in Shakespeare’s Henry VIII or in Milton’s Paradise Lost (both books that found me in the sixth form at school) the references to Mermaids were far from positive. Not to mention being omens of bad luck and blamed for many a sinking ship throughout history. Think of the Mermaids in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides” – they are a scary bunch for sure! Why did they have to be either sinner or saint? Virgin or whore? Submissive or disobedient? Angel or Devil?

Well, as a child I didn’t know about the patriarchy. I didn’t know that the stories and mythology passed down through generations about Mermaids were all written, painted and philosophised by men, often with an agenda. I didn’t know that the Mermaid had become a kind of scapegoat for the masculine’s fear of the feminine, or for a man’s fear of his own feminine side.

Water has long been associated with the Divine feminine – with emotions, intuition, healing and cycles – and Mermaids with their lives in the darkness at the bottom of the sea, hidden in the secrets of the vast oceans are a manifestation of that. Mermaids to me are earthly manifestations of the Divine feminine and their treatment shows how she has been demonised, vilified and diminished by the patriarchal society I found myself in. As we move into the new age, and as the age of Aquarius dawns it is time to remember the Mermaid for who she is; not a being we should fear but one to be revered, one whom in ancient times was seen as a Goddess, one with the power to heal, one with wisdom that can help us to see forward into the future or look back far into the past and one we should never be afraid to call on when we need her help.

Crystals can help us connect to the consciousness of Mermaids from deep within the land and far away from the ocean shores. She is waiting. She is listening. In the stillness of meditation and in quiet contemplation and reflection may she hear your call.

Here are a few of the crystals that I use to connect to the powerful energy of the Mermaids:

Aquamarine: considered to be the treasure of the Mermaids; this is a great choice for connecting to the consciousness of Mermaids, for allowing the healing of the sea to wash away anything that no longer serves you.

Ocean Jasper: meditate with this one to hear the wisdom of the ocean and all of its inhabitants, including the Mermaids.

Chrysocolla: a calming stone that is also very powerful in helping us to communicate clearly, to express ourselves honestly and to be our true selves.

Abalone Shell: brings with it emotional balance and a direct connection to the ocean, not technically a crystal as it doesn’t have a crystalline structure but has a powerful energy.

Amazonite: holds the calmness of the ocean and allows us to connect to the depths of the ocean within us so we can understand our deepest hurts and allow them to raise to the surface to be healed.

These are just a few of my choices but use whichever ones you are guided to and know that you can connect to the healing energy of the Mermaids just by being still, and asking with an open mind and a pure heart.

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