I’m writing this blog on the 13th February, possibly as some kind of single persons protest against the 14th February and the celebration of everything romantic and “in pairs”, the day before the most famous day of the year celebrating love – Valentine’s Day. Snow White, one of my earliest heroines, said “Some day my Prince will come” and in the end, for her, he did! But for some of us he is still out there and we are still waiting! I was considering writing a post on working with crystals to attract romantic love into our lives, to bring a new romantic partner forward, but then I was reminded of something I read in a Louise Hay book many (many) years ago, another one of my heroines, who said “When we love ourselves everything in our lives falls into place for us” and that includes summoning Prince Charming.

So I wanted to write about using crystals not to connect to the heart of someone else, but to connect to our own hearts, especially those that are broken, fragile and weathered from the many storms they have faced in our lives so far. I have never subscribed to the view that when I meet my Prince he will “complete” me, or that somehow I am only half OK because I am single or only half of the whole of something, but more to the view that whilst I wait for him my job is to realise that I am fully “complete” by myself, that I am perfectly OK just as I am and as I walk on my spiritual path I don’t need anyone to hold my hand. That’s not to say it wouldn’t be nice to have a hand to hold, but the point being I don’t “need” it to complete my spiritual tasks in this lifetime.

On my own journey to find self-acceptance and to heal from the hurts of past relationships there are many crystals that I have used, below are just a few of them, but these are the ones that my heart called to for healing – always remember with crystals to listen to your own hearts calling for the particular crystal friend you need to work with.

Rhodochrosite – this was the first crystal I held where I knew there was so much more to crystals than I had ever thought possible. As I held it in my hand, opened my heart, and tuned in to the energy of it I began to cry, as if releasing some past hurts right from my heart centre. One of my favourite crystals to use with clients who have low self-esteem and low self-worth.

Rose Quartz – I accept that this one is probably most famous for attracting a partner but for me the gift of this stone is the pure peace that comes from holding it on your heart centre, a great big hug of pink energy that feels nurturing and warm, as if being held by the great Mother Earth herself.

Morganite – so there is a theme of pink crystals going on here but for the heart this stone has an incredibly gentle vibration that allows us to feel compassion and empathy for ourselves. There is no way to be self-critical when Morganite is around, it simply won’t allow it.

Emerald – a great stone for the heart chakra. I associate this one with Archangel Raphael and his Angels of Healing and I do believe that it is great for healing the damage to a broken heart, gently releasing past feelings from your heart centre and encouraging you to “let go”.

Dioptase – another green stone and quite a rare one, more expensive to buy due to it’s very high vibration, but one I would always use where there is a need to forgive. Holding onto resentments against ourselves, or another person, is the quickest way to cause to blockages in our energy body and to lower our vibrations but with Dioptase we are encouraged to forgive!

Malachite – I would always use this stone in combination with a pink one as I find it very “blunt” in the way it communicates, sometimes we want to hear the truth but we like to hear it in a way that is soft and gentle. Malachite, I find, will just tell you the truth exactly as it is, no sugar coating, and that can often be painful to hear. A stone to transform outdated and negative feelings in your heart centre into lessons that you can learn and move forward.

These are six of my favourite stones to use when learning to love and accept ourselves exactly as we are – place them on your heart chakra, meditate with them to hear their messages and wisdom to you, place them on your pillow and let them communicate with you through your dreams, carry them around with you or use them in crystal grids. However you work with them just have fun, use your intuition, open your heart and know that whether you are single or not you are perfect exactly as you are!

With crystal blessings to you, Paul.

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