Have you ever felt like you just are not good enough? And no matter who tells you that you are fabulous exactly the way you are there is this niggling voice that says “you can’t do that”, “you will never pull this off” or “who do you think you are?” I think most people have felt this way at times, whether they say it out loud and acknowledge it or not. I certainly know I have felt that way many times, and still do some days, it can be a constant battle to quieten down the shouting voice of that critic in me who just wants me to stay home, and not try, and not fail and be miserable at the same time!

There is another voice though, albeit much quieter than the critic, who is my constant cheerleader encouraging me to get out there and get on with it! But sometimes this voice needs a little help speaking up and being heard. And that is where crystals have been incredibly helpful to me. And many others. You may have heard Adele talking about how crystals helped her overcome stage fright so she could perform on stage or you may have seen Boy George holding a crystal on The Voice to keep his nerves calm – would you ever believe that these two stars struggled with self-confidence and feeling good about themselves?

Fear, anxiety, worry all have their purpose in keeping us safe but sometimes they become out of balance and out of proportion – these are lower energy emotions, and what we need to do to lift them up, is to raise those lower vibrations and crystals can do just that. There are many crystals various people recommend for confidence. As ever, the most important thing with crystals is that you listen to your intuition – crystals are great for getting to the cause of our low self-esteem rather than the symptom itself and that is why one person’s crystal for self confidence is not the right choice for someone else.

Below are some of the crystals I personally use when I need some encouragement, when my internal cheerleader needs a microphone to cheer me on, and when my inner critic needs the volume turning down:

Citrine – one of my favourite stones to use, it’s yellow and golden colour instantly uplifting and strong, a real strengthening energy to call upon that really lifts the lower chakras.

Carnelian – this is the one for me that just screams “you can do it”, great for the sacral chakra when our emotions are all over the place, a really positive energy about it.

Amber – formed over millions of years by the sun’s energy it really holds the power and strength of the sun and you can instantly feel brighter, more positive and uplifted with it’s energy.

Bloodstone – a good one to carry around in your pocket if you feeling nervous, it has got me through many a tough meeting, training course and much more.

Ruby – this one is full of passion and energy, red is the colour of passion and Ruby gives us passion for ourselves and what we want to achieve in life.

Once you have selected the crystal you are most drawn to you could put it in your pocket and carry it around with you, hold it in your hand before a meeting or event, meditate with it, place it next to you when you go to sleep at night with the intention it will lift your self-confidence as you sleep, sit it next to you on the couch whilst you watch TV at night and much more. There are many ways to use crystals – the most important thing is to have fun with them and tune into their energies in the way you are most drawn to. So, until you can truly see just how magnificent you are and how bright your light shines, let crystals carry you, support you and lift you up.

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