So, Christmas has gone for another year.  That sure went fast!  We are still glowing from time with loved ones, still full from eating way too much food, and still, probably, not ready to go to back to work again.  This week between Christmas and New Year celebrations is always a strange one I feel, not quite the end of the party but almost time to start thinking about normality returning as January fast approaches.  This is a good time for reflection and rest, the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next.  And, as we look to 2018 time to think about what we want to do next year, to achieve, to grow spiritually, to learn, and to move us forward.

It is this time when I turn to my crystals and ask for help and guidance in manifesting my wishes for the coming year, taking my hopes and dreams and transforming them into reality.  The word “manifestation” is used a lot in spiritual and so called “new age” circles (I don’t like to say “new age” as crystals have been used for healing and helping humanity over many thousands of years, there is nothing “new” about them) and it can sometimes appear that all we need to do is to buy a piece of Citrine and head straight out to buy a lottery ticket! I think it is a bit more complicated than that, and if what we “want” in this incarnation isn’t for our highest good, or doesn’t serve the life lessons we agreed to learn in this incarnation before we arrived here, then we likely won’t get it – lottery ticket and Citrine in hand or not!

We are powerful far beyond what we think ourselves to be, and I believe are capable of manifesting everything we need for our life’s mission if we would only get out of our own way!  The ability to “manifest” is an inside job, it is about taking time to clear our mind of unhelpful thoughts, and of negativity, and of material desires rather than spiritual needs, and behind all of this in the calm and quiet stillness of our minds we will be able to see what we actually need to manifest to move us forward, helping us to stay true to ourselves, our purpose in this lifetime and for our highest good and it is at this point is that we pick up our crystals to help.  Here are some of the crystals I use but as always with crystals  your intuition is your most powerful guide, and should always be trusted first.

Citrine – probably the most commonly recommended one, but often the one you see for sale today is heat treated Amethyst or Smokey Quartz to give it a dark golden colour.  Natural Citrine is actually a much paler yellow colour and this is the one you want.

Fulgurite – this is a kind of glass tube that is formed by a lightening strike on to sand.  Full of storm energy then, this is what gives it great power for manifestation, to manifest is to transform our thoughts into reality, and there is no greater aid to transformation that Fulgurite I feel.

Clear Quartz – probably not the most commonly recommended for manifestation but Quartz is a great amplifier of energy, so use this to amplify your intentions when manifesting.
Iron Pyrite – also called Fools Gold, great for powering up our own personal powerhouse the Solar Plexus chakra, this is the golden, fire, bright energy that will “fire” up your intentions.  Also often used as a good luck stone.

Zircon – clears negative energy from all of the chakras, removing energy blockages that have stopped you from moving forward on your path, great for grounding your energies and helping you connect to the wisdom and guidance of Mother Earth.

There are many ways to use these crystals but for manifesting I recommend meditating with them to clear your mind and clarify your intentions of what you are looking to manifest.  They can also be used in crystals grids and to create crystal mandalas for manifesting – the most important thing here is to focus your attention on what it is you want to manifest as you do this, here is where the power lies.  I also think sleeping with some of these stones under your pillow – certainly the Citrine or the Iron Pyrite – is good to do, we do far more when we sleep than we realise in terms of processing our thoughts and desires.  Above all else, have fun with your crystals and your plans for 2018, and trust that the Universe always provides.  With that, I wish you all the abundance your hearts can manifest for the next year and beyond.

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