Inner Child

Life can be pretty tough for us adults sometimes! The daily grind of going to work, earning a living, paying our mortgages or rent, putting food on the table, clothes on our back and taking care of the needs of ourselves, our families, our friends, the list goes on – like I said it’s tough for us adults sometimes. Within all of this we can often lose ourselves, particularly the child like part of us, the part of us that likes to be silly, have fun and not be so serious, or that is often feeling scared, overwhelmed, confused and never wanted to grow up and deal with all this adult stuff in the first place! This child, our inner child, is crying out for our attention a lot of the time, and we ignore them at out peril. If we do what usually happens is they have a huge temper tantrum and behave in ways that are self-destructive and self-defeating to us!

The way to help your inner child is firstly to acknowledge them, and then to listen to them – remember when you were a child and you were not being seen or heard, do you remember how that felt? As adults we get to parent our inner child in all the ways we wish we had been parented as children. I believe one of the most powerful ways to get in touch with that child like part of yourself, and to hear your inner child’s voice, is through crystals.

Crystals, often referred to as “new age”, have been around for millions of years and used for healing by many, many “old age” civilisations. The perfect vibration of their crystalline structure works to balance the imperfect vibration of our own bodies and energies – not just our physical body, but our emotional and mental well-being can be brought back to balance. Crystals can be used in many ways including for meditation, placed under your pillow at night time, worn as jewellery, carried around in pockets or purses, placed in homes or offices and much more. Whichever way you most feel drawn to connecting with a crystal is the way you use them – trust your intuition, and have fun!

There are a number of crystals I would recommend for healing the inner child, some of which are listed below:

Larimar – this gentle blue stone is very calming and nurturing, a wonderful one to use for balancing emotions and letting go of worry and fear.

Rhodochrosite – this pink stone is a must have for inner child work, particularly for deep emotional healing that often stems back when we were children, including trauma.

Yellow Calcite – I love the playful energy of this one, gently uplifting, builds confidence, and encourages us to have fun and play.

Dioptase – this stone works really well when forgiveness is needed, whether that be of people in our past, or of ourselves.

Rose Quartz – use this one like the big, soft, gentle, loving hug that it is. Great when our inner child needs nurture and comfort.

These are the main ones that my inner child responds best to, but they may not be the right ones for everyone, so it is important when choosing crystals for yourself that you go with the one you are most drawn to, the one that is calling your name. The most important thing is that when that crystal, and your inner child, calls you, that you stop and listen to what they have to say!

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