Today is the day of the Super Blue Blood Moon. You don’t get a much more “once in a lifetime” event than this. Last seen some 150 years ago and not expected to be seen again until many more moon cycles have passed us by. Whilst some, who are lucky enough to see it, will stare at it in wonder of the amazing miracle that is “life” and others will try to comprehend just what it means to be on this spinning planet, in the middle of an infinite and ever-expanding universe. For me, this moon represents a time when the brightest of lights illuminates the path in front of us, shines a light on what we are and what we can be; and opens us up to the wisdom and support of the cosmic consciousness available to all of us but so often ignored or unacknowledged.

There is no better time to make a change. To push onward with your goals, plans and dreams no matter how hard or long the road ahead is. And as the Super Blue Blood Moon shines down on you wherever you are take some time to contemplate, meditate, pray, ask for guidance, listen for answers, be still, go within! The answers are there quietly whispering to you.

Crystals, gifts from the great Mother Earth, are such wonderful companions to work with as you make these changes. If you have crystals at home give them a treat tonight and place them in the moonlight, even if you are looking at cloudy skies the energy of the moon will shine through them. This will charge them up with the energy of change that this moon represents and from tomorrow will push you forward in whichever way you are meant to go.

Some of the crystals I work with when I am making changes in my life are listed below, but when choosing your own crystals for change hold that intention and trust that the crystal you most need to work with will call you to them.

Moldavite – this one literally comes from out of this world from a meteorite that crashed into the Earth and went on to form this crystal. Very high vibrational stone that will support any attempt to make changes.

Danburite – helps us to connect to the energy of cosmic consciousness and gently lets us leave our past behind.

Obsidian – the illumination of this moon tonight may not be comfortable. Shining a light into our darkness can reveal parts of ourselves that we would rather forget. Obsidian will help you integrate these parts and you can move forward with your “whole” self.

Azurite – will again connect you to the highest of the cosmic consciousness, it helps you see things clearly, a stone that assists in change particularly around the spiritual path.

Moonstone – I often associate this crystal with Archangel Gabriel, a great angel to call on for guidance on your life plan, I also associate it with moon energy, the cycle of change from the new moon as it waxes, wanes and repeats, each time giving an opportunity for the birth of a new self, a new idea, a new plan.

Once you have selected the crystal you are most drawn to sit with it, if you can tonight in front of the moon, and ask for guidance, wisdom, insight and trust your feelings and thoughts as they come up. Sleep with it next to your pillow and take notice of your dreams, carry it around with you, create a crystal grid for change – however your chosen crystal(s) wants to work with you trust it, and trust yourself.

So by all means stare at the beauty of the Super Blue Blood Moon in awe and wonder, but do not miss the opportunity to harness the energy shining down on you for this one night in your current Earthly incarnation.

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