I went to see a film about Mary Magdalene yesterday. Mary was an apostle of Jesus; she was just as important to Jesus’ missionary as any of his other apostles (who were all male) and was the first person that Jesus appeared to after his death, the first witness to the most important event in Christianity – the Resurrection. Yet she has been vilified, belittled and insulted for centuries, her importance minimised, her story told with lies and misconceptions. As a Sunday school child I was told she was a prostitute, a temptress and she deserved my pity; as an adult I learn she was neither of those things and deserved nothing but my respect for her faith and great courage! She was incorrectly named to be such in the 6th century by Pope Gregory; a case of mistaken identity apparently now being corrected. I left the cinema feeling angry on her behalf at the wrongs against her and wanted to find some way to get her true story out there. Then I remembered that all through the film when Mary was persecuted for her beliefs, for her gender, for the trust that Jesus placed in her above others, she always forgave, just as Jesus had.

Mark Twain wrote “Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it”. I find that such a beautiful explanation of forgiveness. In her dying moments the beautiful violet flower gives the gift of her precious scent to the killer as her last act. As we too are crushed by the weight of our anger and desire for vengeance having been wronged by another, we are only given freedom from this hurt by giving our forgiveness. If we don’t it kills us, or at least a part of us dies trying to carry this heaviness in our hearts. What an ask!

I couldn’t help but spend the rest of the day thinking about forgiveness and scanning through my past for people I needed to forgive. Fortunately, over the years on my spiritual path, I have put a lot of work into forgiving the people who needed to be forgiven as well as asking for forgiveness from the people who I have caused pain to over the years, intentionally or otherwise. I see so many people holding onto anger and resentment towards people in their past causing negative energy to form blockages in their aura, and causing them to relive the pain and suffering of their past every day, not to mention the impact it has on their physical health. Forgiveness certainly isn’t easy, I don’t think it is meant to be, but crystals are a wonderful source of strength and help to call on when we are called upon to forgive. Below are some of the crystals I choose to work with when I need help forgiving:

Dioptase: my “go to” stone for forgiveness with its gentle green energy healing imbalances in the heart and higher heart chakras.

Rhodonite: a great ally to call on for help with long standing emotional hurts and abuse; for me this crystal asks for me to be calm in the chaos of my rage.

Apache Tears Obsidian: technically not a crystal as it is made of volcanic glass but this particular type of obsidian is said to contain the tears of the apache women when grieving for their husbands who had died. Their tears soften our hearts and allow us to forgive!

Prehnite: gentle and nurturing, it calls us to release old feelings that do not serve us and to begin a new. If you are unsure how to forgive meditate with Prehnite and ask for guidance.

Peridot: A great choice for dissolving anger and guilt and encouraging us to start again.

These are just some of the crystals that I choose to work with for forgiveness but be guided by your own heart to see which crystals are best for you to use.

It often isn’t just other people that need our forgiveness, in many cases the person we need most to forgive is ourselves. We are often angry at ourselves for not being good enough, strong enough, clever enough, rich enough, slim enough, popular enough and so on. I remember being fifteen years old and not feeling “enough” for so many reasons and I heard Maya Angelou, author of “I know why the caged bird sings” and one of my favourite human beings to have ever lived say “Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you learned it”. And so I did and with it I found peace!

With crystal blessings to you, Paul.

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