Reflexology in Salford and Manchester

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a complementary therapy that has been used throughout the ages, all over the world and is based on the theory that different points on our feet, that we call reflexes, correspond with the different organs and systems in our bodies, in essence our feet are a mirror, or reflection, of our physical body.  By applying pressure to a certain part of our feet helps to facilitate a healing response in the area of the body it is reflecting.  In this way, reflexologists treat the whole person not their symptoms or a particular condition.

What happens during a treatment?

It is a non-invasive and very relaxing complementary therapy.  The treatment requires only shoes and socks to be removed.  A full consultation is completed reviewing medical history, medication and lifestyle to ensure that the treatment is individually tailored.  The client sits in a reclining chair and, after a full examination of the feet, oil or cream is applied and the therapist begins the treatment.   A variety of precise movements, sequences, and massage techniques are used with varying levels of pressure on the feet, not ticklish at all for those with sensitive feet.  It is an incredibly relaxing and calming experience which is great for increased relaxation, improved mood, improved sleep, tension relief and improved well-being.  For more information please follow the links to media articles and current research studies on our website.

How long does a Reflexology treatment last?

Each treatment lasts for an hour although at your first treatment a full consultation takes place which will add some time to your first appointment.

How much does it cost?

Each treatment is £30

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