Passionate about Complementary Therapy

My name is Paul and I am the founder and lead practitioner of Crystal Clear Wellness.  I am passionate about complementary therapy and specialise in Reflexology and Crystal Therapy.  I have experienced the benefits of both of these treatments first hand.  I love to give treatments in my home practice, and I love to teach all about the crystalline kingdom in my accredited Crystal Therapy Training courses and Crystal Workshops across Salford and Manchester.

I am qualified to the highest level currently available in the UK for a Reflexology practitioner having successfully obtained my Centralia Reflexology Mastership with the Gaia School of Natural Health.  I learned so much about this wonderful therapy and seen first-hand the great effects it can have on bettering people’s overall sense of well-being.

I am qualified as an ACHO accredited Crystal Therapist after completing my two year Diploma in Crystal Therapy at the Hope College of Crystal Healing and continue to study to be a Crystal Master with this school to further develop my skills and experience in the use of vibrational energy from crystals to bring balance within the human energy field.  In 2017 I was asked by Sandra Hope-Maskell, the principal of Hope College, to join her small team of tutors teaching Crystal Therapy Training and spent most of the year being personally trained by her under her guidance and support.  I am so proud to be a part of Hope College of Crystal Healing and to bring accredited training to Manchester and Salford.

I am a member of various bodies and associations that enhance the professional reputation of complementary therapies and abide by all of their associated codes of conduct.   I am also fully insured.

  • Professional Reflexology
  • Association of Reflexologists
  • Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council
  • Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations
  • The General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies

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